About Toby Howell

Toby Howell is an experienced Director of Photography based in Bristol but used to shooting films and commercials all over the world. 

After spending a childhood immersed in drawing and painting, Toby did an Illustration degree specialising in animated films. This lead to a runner position at Aardman Animations, where he worked his way up through the Camera department until he was lighting popular series' like Shaun the Sheep and Creature Comforts. 

Moving into commercials he specialised in mixed media work- occupying a unique position shooting large scale animation on location, and live action and high speed jobs often requiring complex motion control moves and organising large Camera teams. These include two commercials for John Lewis- "Things Matter" and "The Bear and Hare" ( winner of 3 British Arrows and 5 Creative Circle awards ), as well as work for Google, Apple, VW, BBC, Nike and McDonalds.

He has shot stop frame animation on location in Johannesburg, Berlin and London, as well as commercials in Helsinki, Kiev, Prague, Barcelona, Paris, Oslo, Germany and New York.

Specialising in highly technical shoots, Toby likes to explore the boundaries between stills, video and extremely high speed work, calmly solving complex exposure challenges whilst seeking the beauty in every frame.

In order to shoot more narrative work Toby also spent a year working with Wes Anderson on Fantastic Mr Fox, as well as working on Netflix's Love Death and Robots and an upcoming Peter and Wolf film with Director Elliot Dear. 

Toby occasionally directs some commercial work for Dyson as well as shooting lots of product work for them. 

He can be reached on +44 7976291810 or at tobybmhowell@gmail.com

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